Garage Conversion

Top Reasons to Consider Garage Conversion in your Home

At some point in life, we all need more space in our home. The need for more space may be due to the birth of a new baby, children becoming adults and need their private space, or an extended family is coming over to live with you. In most of these situations, the home garage comes very handy. Converting your garage into a living space is indeed the most cost-effective and efficient way of remodeling a home and creating more living space. With garage conversion, you can have a seamless renovation to your home structure without anyone noticing.

Benefits of Garage Conversion

There are many benefits that are associated with garage remodeling. As a matter of fact, when compared to constructing an entirely new unit, garage conversion comes highly recommended. Below are some of the benefits you enjoy with converting your garage to a living space.

  • It is a highly cost effective means of adding an extra living space in your home
  • You don’t need any additional ground breaking; you have ready-made foundation, roof, and walls to work with
  • It is the fastest way of adding an additional living space to your home.


Garage Conversion

All you need to know about Garage ADU – Accessory Dwelling Unit

One of the major needs in San Diego is living space. With the growth in the population of the city, many families are looking to rent home spaces across the city. With the Garage ADU, many houses can provide the much needed homes for many families. Garage Accessory Dwelling Units involve converting garage spaces into functional living units. At Lumina Builders, we understand everything that is involved in garage conversion, from the remodeling plans, to meeting the local zoning codes requirements, and getting approvals and permits. Therefore, you can depend on our unique professional service to convert your garage to room unit.

Reasons to Convert your Garage into a Living Space

Garage remodeling can make a dramatic impact on your home and can significantly increase the value of the property. A converted garage can offer an additional source of revenue in terms of rental income. It can also provide an additional room for the family. There are so many things you can benefit from an additional living space. It is very critical that the conversion blend into the natural design of your home in consideration of future sales. You first need to think about how to link the new structure to the existing structure. With the service of a professional builder like Lumina Builders, all these will be factored into the holistic plan for the structure. In case you are still wondering if a garage conversion is the best choice for your home, you might want to consider your needs for an additional bedroom; larger kitchen space; children’s playroom; home cinema; lounge; home office; home gym; and the list goes on and on.

Checklist for Garage Remodeling

When it comes to converting your garage into a living space, the first step is to decide on the functional purpose of the new room. A garage can be converted into a guest room, private den, playroom, or a studio apartment. Whatever function you intend the additional space to serve, there are basically a garage ADU checklist that should be considered. These include conversion permits; insulation; heating and cooling; windows; interior walls; electricity; plumbing; and telecommunication.

At Lumina Builders, we work with our clients closely for every step of the construction process. From the idea generation and design stage to engaging an expert architect and an engineer, we are always there to make the best recommendations to achieve your desired project. We also understand your concern about budget. We offer our clients cost-effective ways to build a garage and convert it into a beautiful space. Call us today to get your free consultation.

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